Where death do not
spring a surprise.
Where death is just
a change in disguise.
Where death calms the
body as the soul rise.

Where death is a stop
over before refueling.
Where death redresses pain,
facilitates soul’s healing.
Where death is not a dread;
just an elapsing feeling.

10 thoughts on “Where…XVI

    1. These are snippets (expressed in my own words) from a very profound book on Hindu Philosophy called THE BHAGAVAT GITA (If u do get a chance to read it, please do so).

  1. Some fear death, while others dread it.

    Sometimes a person who does not fear it can be heartless and dangerous. They can do anything, and without sympathy or conscience have no remorse of being killed.

    Others know that life is just a passage, a road that one travels before finally reaching that destiny.

    1. The Hindu philosophy sees death in slightly different light; it considers death as a vacation (or a stop-over) we have after exams are over. Then we wait for results.
      If we have done good we are promoted to next standard (in this case life in a different form, on a different plane), otherwise, we have to come back to this Mrityulok (as Earth is called in Sanskrit) and redo everything like the guy who has to repeat the same class!
      Therefore, I feel, the greatest art worth learning is the ART of DYING gracefully, smilingly, acceptingly… 🙂

    1. Common human psychology is to fear things which humans do not know anything about. As we start understanding things fear starts evaporating…
      Thanx for sparing ur time reading and commenting… Keep coming 🙂

  2. you are a marvellous poet satyakam, i am happy that you found my blog.

    its so beautiful and soothing. just loved the calmness with which you have explained death here.

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