I got up this morning
to a very beautiful day;
shining with hope
through clouds of dismay.

I wondered what could be
the reason for the change.
Though it was soothing,
yet looked so strange!

I could not believe: was awake
or in some eternal dream;
Flowing from tomorrow
to today, like a cascading stream.

Rain, the previous night, has
washed away all dirt.
Wet drenched me but cleansed me too.
Nature’s silent but romantic flirt!

Oh! is this the glow of
a new born or am I reborn?
Now I know every time it rains,
removed are some skin torn.

Here I was crying childishly on
distress and agony, never existed.
Losing childlike wit, forgetting
how much I was trusted.

Someone has said long back,
we learn from our mistake.
Life is not about going back, rather
moving ahead with every retake!

23 thoughts on “Retake

  1. Beautiful message sent through lovely rhymed words. I particularly found this question interesting…”Oh! am I shining like a
    new born or am I reborn?” A strong poem to put out there.

    Thanks for sharing…Cheers!

  2. It would be so wonderful if we would view each day’s start as being ‘reborn’…it would really make a difference in how we would approach what comes to us during the day…a wonderful message in your poem…many thanks for this.

  3. A very insightful and reflective poem… and very nice use of words too!
    Loved the idea of a retake altogether!
    Keep up the awesomeness!

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