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I got up this morning
to a very beautiful day;
shining with hope
through clouds of dismay.

I wondered what could be
the reason for the change.
Though it was soothing,
yet looked so strange!

I could not believe: was awake
or in some eternal dream;
Flowing from tomorrow
to today, like a cascading stream.

Rain, the previous night, has
washed away all dirt.
Wet drenched me but cleansed me too.
Nature’s silent but romantic flirt!

Oh! is this the glow of
a new born or am I reborn?
Now I know every time it rains,
removed are some skin torn.

Here I was crying childishly on
distress and agony, never existed.
Losing childlike wit, forgetting
how much I was trusted.

Someone has said long back,
we learn from our mistake.
Life is not about going back, rather
moving ahead with every retake!



Born as a child of human... nourished intellect enough to juggle with words to create few copyright statements (though inspired :P)

23 thoughts on “Retake

  1. Beautiful message sent through lovely rhymed words. I particularly found this question interesting…”Oh! am I shining like a
    new born or am I reborn?” A strong poem to put out there.

    Thanks for sharing…Cheers!

  2. It would be so wonderful if we would view each day’s start as being ‘reborn’…it would really make a difference in how we would approach what comes to us during the day…a wonderful message in your poem…many thanks for this.

  3. A very insightful and reflective poem… and very nice use of words too!
    Loved the idea of a retake altogether!
    Keep up the awesomeness!

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