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I don’t want to sleep
I don’t want to wake up
Every night is stealing me
Every day is tearing me apart
Every moment I’m little less of me

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Where am I?

At 1AM in the morning,
Or is it still night
When sleep eludes you
And keeps you away from
The beloved dreams
Nightmares of past and future
Starts haunting you
With eyes wide open.
Where can you escape
In the darkness of night.
Restless in bed
Turning and tossing
Still wondering-
Where am I?

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In the tranquil hour of dawn
I rose to a rosy dream
What peace in air!
What splendor it seem.

Cool breeze touched my face
And greeted me warm.
The silence of air,
Welcomed me with open arm.

Where was I? At the center,
Or edge of the Universe,
Or not at all there
Whatever… what an upsurge!

The darkness was bright enough
To lite my inner recess.
What was there? The fall of
Cascading feelings, all well-dressed!

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I Am There

Oh my sailor! take me to the shore afar,
For the water is too rough here.
I am little scared!

Oh my sailor! help me raise the bar,
For the journey is too tough here.
I am little scared!

Oh my sailor! calm my inner war
For the vision is too blur here
I am little scared!

Oh my sailor! I have come so far
What a wonder, what a wonder I am there!!!
I have dared, I have dared.

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Now I am calm,
Now I am at peace.
Now I am happy
Now I am at ease.

Now is what I have
Now rises the fever
Now I see the goal
Now, it is or never

Now my thoughts measure
Now my actions count
Now my intentions define
Now my commitments mount

Now rules the roost
Now is something
Now has the charm
Now is the King!

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Sometimes (rather most of times) I feel human relationships are useless, meaningless, heartless, mindless, feelingless, and, above all, purposeless. Every connection at times looks like mirage. Every word spoken at times mean nothing. Every action at times seems like an act of betrayal.

But there is shimmering light called Hope
which beacons afar hill-top in the Heart.
In spite of being in pain it smiles,
and smiles with such innocence and Art.
It caresses the soul, cleans all wounds,
and says with love and life in words- Don’t be so Hard…
Love, love and love, it is an Art!

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That Line

Drop by drop I’ll melt one day
In some deep oblivion.
I am some body now,
Then… I’ll be no one.

Where will my ego be?
Where will my pride go?
May be, left in tatters or so
To meet the end of show.

What remains then,
Will it be mine?
I don’t know, I won’t know,
Once I’ve crossed that line!

I wonder,
What lies before the start
And after the end!
I know,
Time can’t reach there,
Nor can one be send (with baggage).