Satyakam: The Thinker or The Tinker

The Thinker or The Tinker

There is a tiny machine which keeps ticking inside the skull. Every tick generates a thought…every thought courts a reaction… if these reactions are strong enough they transduce into words…

Someone has said long back,”I think, therefore, I exist.” How true!!!

The existence of this blog is enough to state the veracity of the above statement.

Coming out of philosophical hangover!

I am a sum total of average.

Hmm… Passion never touches me. I mean, I am not passionate about anything. But as Bill gates has said, “If you are born poor, it is not your mistake. But if you die poor, it is your mistake”. I want to find my passion before I die… and I am SURE I’ll find mine!

I see life as a search, a never ending one. God never tells what he wants. He gave us the means to find our ways to reach the goal.

I often feel how fragile is our life and yet we try to preserve it as best as we can. Are we successful?

We often want things but we hardly know what we need! Isn’t it absurd?

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