My Guide, My Glide

In the course of my journey
I was made to believe
That I am not a genius;
I cannot achieve
What others have.

My successes and failures were
Dictated by obnoxious standards
Set by someone unknown.
I felt lost.
I felt distressed.
I felt I was not
The worthy child of my Lord.

I was moving but could never
Fathom my direction.
I was seeing but could not
Perceive my sight
I was touching but could never
Feel the touch.
I have failed Him- I thought!

But He was always there
By my side,
Holding me-
In my depression,
In my desperation
In my joy,
In my celebration.
He was there.

I knew it then,
I know it now.

My senses could not
Sense Him
But I could feel
His presence.
Someone watching over me
With perpetual patience and serene smile
Guiding me
Gliding me
Through the sea of life
Into that Eternity!

At this revelation
That I have never failed Him,
That I am still His worthy child,
That I have the genius
He has bestowed upon me,
I felt at peace.

A lotus has blossomed
In the murky pond
Filled with chaos.
It is serene,
It is divine.

It is me.


Life and Death

The ephemerality of life shines
as he dines
through galores of food,
but alone in wood.

He has to accept
the burning fact
for which he is born,
laid on the path of thorn.

Can’t just see the one,
and rest none.
Have to act now or it’s never,
before the rising fever

Stands as monster, tall
before the fall
into the dark slumber…
Count the death number!


Where realms of mind is
lost into the depth of heart.
Where power is not
with the so-called smart.
Where agile is “feeling” and
extinct is the thinking-dart.

Where questions have no
answers, yet they are asked.
Where replies are sought for not
in absolute terms, but masked.
Where instinct is at work to
receive, but logic is not taxed.

Where emptiness is
not empty of something.
Where the Creation coalesces
to become nothing.
Where only He exists
and not a thing.