My Guide, My Glide

In the course of my journey
I was made to believe
That I am not a genius;
I cannot achieve
What others have.

My successes and failures were
Dictated by obnoxious standards
Set by someone unknown.
I felt lost.
I felt distressed.
I felt I was not
The worthy child of my Lord.

I was moving but could never
Fathom my direction.
I was seeing but could not
Perceive my sight
I was touching but could never
Feel the touch.
I have failed Him- I thought!

But He was always there
By my side,
Holding me-
In my depression,
In my desperation
In my joy,
In my celebration.
He was there.

I knew it then,
I know it now.

My senses could not
Sense Him
But I could feel
His presence.
Someone watching over me
With perpetual patience and serene smile
Guiding me
Gliding me
Through the sea of life
Into that Eternity!

At this revelation
That I have never failed Him,
That I am still His worthy child,
That I have the genius
He has bestowed upon me,
I felt at peace.

A lotus has blossomed
In the murky pond
Filled with chaos.
It is serene,
It is divine.

It is me.