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“She” knows and hears
Even before we do-
Churning and wallowing,
Of our restless heart.
As if the cord which
Was broken at birth
Is still connected, unseen
To the hearts and the minds
Of who once were toddlers-
But now are grown up giants.

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My emotions

My emotions are
Stashed away
In dreary dungeons
Of nauseated awareness.
As an automaton 
I go in the world
Sans tears, sans cry,
Sans voice, sans life.

PS: Well this is how I feel on seeing the world, near and far, around me. I long believed that progress and emotions can’t go hand in hand- either I choose progress and move ahead or be emotional and get stuck. Can I be progressively emotional or emotionally progressive?

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I miss the feel of your presence

I miss the feel of your presence,
setting of the sun and
the glory of then.
We were there forever
In the evening of life,
Bathing in joy,
Feeling the delight.

What a wonder,
What a celebration
It would have been!


You decided to travel far, very far
Beyond my reality,
But into my dreams!