Where will the solace
of mind lie?
Where will the heart
recede in a faint sigh?
Where will the spirit
rest unto the body die?

Where will the chasm
of wishes be filled?
Where will the sword
of expectation be killed?
Where will the fate of perished
(and perishable) be sealed?

Where will the Will be
strong enough and not taxed?
Where will the soul be
full empty, yet relaxed?
Where will the answers be,
for the questions asked?

8 thoughts on “Where…VII

    1. Dear, There questions are individual heart’s cry! Unfortunately, we have to find the answers individually. Thanx for reading and commenting 🙂

  1. Oh if only we could find the answers to these questions. Thought provoking poem Satya. Let me know if, no when, you find the answers.

  2. This one again is to be searched and found within ourselves- outer world cant supply it.

    your poems are very deep and extremely well thought.

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