Where I am not alone
in the vastness of sky.
Where someone walks
with me in wet and dry.
Where breath meets breath
with a gentle sigh.

Where the right hand carries
the left as we walk by.
Where hearts court each
other, yet the eyes belie.
Where feelings bubble
to fore, but tongues shy.

Where right and wrong
do not exist.
Where fear bothers
one, the least.
Where courage holds
the clenched fist.

8 thoughts on “Where…VI

    1. My dreamy eyes… dreams in broad day light
      Do u mean that my approach towards love looks like that of ur nephew’s or is it facial look u r talking about?

  1. your face is almost exactly like him. well he never shared his romantic views with me he is only ten years junior to me. 🙂 cousin nephew.

    i too dream in broad day light but your dreams are very beautiful and thoughtful.

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