That Line

Drop by drop I’ll melt one day
In some deep oblivion.
I am some body now,
Then… I’ll be no one.

Where will my ego be?
Where will my pride go?
May be, left in tatters or so
To meet the end of show.

What remains then,
Will it be mine?
I don’t know, I won’t know,
Once I’ve crossed that line!

I wonder,
What lies before the start
And after the end!
I know,
Time can’t reach there,
Nor can one be send (with baggage).

My Guide, My Glide

In the course of my journey
I was made to believe
That I am not a genius;
I cannot achieve
What others have.

My successes and failures were
Dictated by obnoxious standards
Set by someone unknown.
I felt lost.
I felt distressed.
I felt I was not
The worthy child of my Lord.

I was moving but could never
Fathom my direction.
I was seeing but could not
Perceive my sight
I was touching but could never
Feel the touch.
I have failed Him- I thought!

But He was always there
By my side,
Holding me-
In my depression,
In my desperation
In my joy,
In my celebration.
He was there.

I knew it then,
I know it now.

My senses could not
Sense Him
But I could feel
His presence.
Someone watching over me
With perpetual patience and serene smile
Guiding me
Gliding me
Through the sea of life
Into that Eternity!

At this revelation
That I have never failed Him,
That I am still His worthy child,
That I have the genius
He has bestowed upon me,
I felt at peace.

A lotus has blossomed
In the murky pond
Filled with chaos.
It is serene,
It is divine.

It is me.



I was longing for life when a drop trickled from nowhere.
The silence murmured as the voice came near.

Is He wanting to say and show something?
Yes, a path to trod upon and a light beaming.

I always lived in dreams and false conviction
With no coherence in my action

Every time He came for my rescue
Gave me chance, where chances were few.

Every time I cried foul at myself
Showed disrespect to Him and Self.

Oh God! you always forgive, so do once
Teach me your language of Silence!


I got up this morning
to a very beautiful day;
shining with hope
through clouds of dismay.

I wondered what could be
the reason for the change.
Though it was soothing,
yet looked so strange!

I could not believe: was awake
or in some eternal dream;
Flowing from tomorrow
to today, like a cascading stream.

Rain, the previous night, has
washed away all dirt.
Wet drenched me but cleansed me too.
Nature’s silent but romantic flirt!

Oh! is this the glow of
a new born or am I reborn?
Now I know every time it rains,
removed are some skin torn.

Here I was crying childishly on
distress and agony, never existed.
Losing childlike wit, forgetting
how much I was trusted.

Someone has said long back,
we learn from our mistake.
Life is not about going back, rather
moving ahead with every retake!


Somehow my thoughts
drifted into slumber
of deep woods
where I could see
the Self standing alone
in the reflecting waters
glimmering under
the full moon night.

“Who is this!”, was
my instant reaction, far
from realization
and recognition:
I was my unknown.

First a surprise,
then a disbelief
and mounting frustration.
The past was gone,
the present is staring
stark deep into my eyes:
I saw a naked unknown.

Truth is so rude!