Suffering Blog

Dear Friends,
Finally life has stabilized in college. Unfortunately, my blogging is suffering because I am not able to access wordpress or any other blog site from college computers. Added to it I have not brought my laptop with me 😦

I do not see any quick solution to this problem.

We’ll Meet Soon

Dear All,

Sometime back I wrote Where…XIV… It was not a mere poem but an outcry of a, shall I say, slightly confused heart. I had already been in more trying situation in the past than the one I am facing currently. But the human mind never completely gives up thinking (or worrying, a better word) about tomorrow. Nevertheless, the clouds seem to disperse. Thanks to Spirituality, I have talked about in Deep Within, which helped me in dealing with my apprehensions and in seeing the faint twilight of hope even before it appeared at the horizon.

Coming few days (may be entire July) will be little hectic for me… I’ll be busy in admission procedure for my Masters…have to attend a very important function… shift to college and adjust to college atmosphere again (but it will be as simple as a duck takes to water :))

I may not be as regular with my word play on this blog… I am sure I’ll have something more to say when I come back…

But it is just a humble request to all of you who stop by this blog: please do come back. One important aspect of Indian etiquette is that we never say Good-Bye to our guests rather we love to say, on a positive note, that We’ll Meet Again (Fir Milenge) 🙂