Suffering Blog

Dear Friends,
Finally life has stabilized in college. Unfortunately, my blogging is suffering because I am not able to access wordpress or any other blog site from college computers. Added to it I have not brought my laptop with me 😦

I do not see any quick solution to this problem.

5 thoughts on “Suffering Blog

  1. It is nice of you to keep in touch and for us to know you are well. I really sympathise with your not having access to blog sites, but it is probably for your own good in the long run. Be strong, it won’t be forever! Take care…

  2. Uh ohhh… I hope you do find to write though.. maybe scribbling in a notebook or something.. and then, one day, we can all expect to see a shower of new posts from you!! That too would be awesome!!

    Take care, Satyakam…. and best wishes!! 😀

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