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In the mystery of night,
I walk in search of light.
The path seems defunct,
Or my judgement is blunt.
However I tried to shun,
The inhibitions return.
Sometimes search is desperate.
Other times I am dead.
I am destined for a destiny
But what about mind’s mutiny!

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Where bullets ripe the
body, also the soul.
Where fear of death
engulfs not one but all.
Where the duty stands
before the weak and tall.

Where fields are “green”
with films of blood.
Where death is not glorious
but in unceremonious thud.
Where cannons and shells speak,
rest all are fused dud!

Where all wars are fought
for a noble cause as they say.
Where exaggeration of victory is
painted over trepidation and dismay.
Where will my destiny lead
or will it be my last fray?