Where bullets ripe the
body, also the soul.
Where fear of death
engulfs not one but all.
Where the duty stands
before the weak and tall.

Where fields are “green”
with films of blood.
Where death is not glorious
but in unceremonious thud.
Where cannons and shells speak,
rest all are fused dud!

Where all wars are fought
for a noble cause as they say.
Where exaggeration of victory is
painted over trepidation and dismay.
Where will my destiny lead
or will it be my last fray?

11 thoughts on “Where…XIII

  1. I really like this poem…I find the tone so strong…I often wonder why ‘destiny’ is accepted so easily…it’s just a remnant of old belief structures. But that is just a random thought.

    1. Do war fighters, especially soldiers, have any option but to accept their fate (or shall I say destiny)?
      Sometime back I was watching a movie BLACK HAWK DOWN. I was aghast by the war-torn picture it presented. Then I happened to read your poem “when pilate saw…” (which actually is my inspiration to write this poem).
      All questions and no answer!

  2. A little scary world – is not it?

    very expertly written. hope these worlds cease to exist where one human being causes another human being’s death. whatever the reason is.

    1. Thanks OC!!! Hopefully the message reach the intended ears… most of times these messages are lost in the heart of “feelers” and the “doers” are hardly bothered!

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