I Am There

Oh my sailor! take me to the shore afar,
For the water is too rough here.
I am little scared!

Oh my sailor! help me raise the bar,
For the journey is too tough here.
I am little scared!

Oh my sailor! calm my inner war
For the vision is too blur here
I am little scared!

Oh my sailor! I have come so far
What a wonder, what a wonder I am there!!!
I have dared, I have dared.


If wisdom is
for wise
Is common sense
for common?

If what I do
is a good work (as you say)
Why don’t
you join me?

If this war is
to end all wars
How come we are
still at war?

If man can find water
on the moon
Why can’t we find
peace on earth?

If we all love as
we always proclaim (by saying I L U)
Why there is
so much hatred?

If greed is bad
(as someone said)
What modern
education is promoting?

If abnormality is
not happiness
who is normal?

This chain of thoughts can go on and on aimlessly.