The Road of Life

Journey through the road of life,
Is a walk on the edge of knife.
Focused and engaged we may cross,
Lose them and it may cut across.

Faith and confidence are must,
Shun them; life-bubbles are burst.
Walk is not rough,
Our manifestations make it tough.

The thought may go on and on…

Some time back I was thinking about problems we face in life. What are these problems? This question took me to my school days. I could very easily co-relate. Initially I was taught the alphabets, the numbers…then came the words, simple arithmetic problems… followed by sentences, tougher problems… and the complexity increased. Isn’t life same too?

One thing that I have understood about Nature (or God or whatever we may call) is that EVOLUTION and nothing but EVOLUTION is its (avoiding gender controversy :P) ONE and ONLY agenda. Whenever Nature feels that we need to move ahead, learn new lessons it blesses us with “the problems”, we hate the most. We are left with no option but to face. Worst… there is no escaping. Till we master what Nature wants us to master, the problem will recur again and again in different forms.

No one remains the same before and after the arrival of pain (or problems). The title of a very popular self help book says it all “Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do”.

Nature wants us to accept life in totality; learn to except the good, and the bad too, with ease. This is possible, I believe, with Faith in the Almighty and Confidence in the Self.

And then, is it not life all about choices we make? We can choose to be happy in the grimmest of situation and other way round. This I have seen in my life very clearly. I graduated with engineering degree… got placed in a MNC (a dream job for many of my friends)… drawing a handsome salary (among the highest in my batch)… and here I was miserable: always tensed, my blood pressure going high, could not sleep… always restless. Today, I have no job… no income… have registered for Masters (after facing intense competition)… the future is uncertain… BUT I AM HAPPY. I sleep well… get up with “an expectation from the self and hope from the world”… thank God for this life (an opportunity worth cherishing for)

My Spiritual Mentor gave a very beautiful suggestion. He said that Never try to quit anything bad (or bads) in you. It is stressful and frustrating process. But the BEST thing is to add as many good as you can and a time will come when the bad (or bads) will automatically leave. A good analogy could be adding new items in our small room: to make space for them we need to throw out the not-so-necessary ones. 🙂

At the end… as always so now… these “speech” is my HearT’s SpeaK, mind just gave them words!!! 🙂

14 thoughts on “The Road of Life

  1. Deosatyakam, thank you for these thoughts. I have been faced with many of the same problems for years and I think you’re right, I am being challenged but to what end? It is obvious I keep failing miserably most of the time!

    1. Ya.. U r right…. lot of courage is required to establish Faith in God and Confidence in self… Humongous task but very fulfilling till the end of life, and probably beyond…

      And Thanks a lot for praying for me… When nothing works then ONLY prayer works 🙂

  2. As you so beautifully expressed it with your insight and honesty, we are continually presented with challenges, ever more complex. We stop noticing the small challenges, having developed muscles and sinew of experience and knowledge, unless for some reason we become tired, weak, sick or despondent,and at those times, even small stones of worry look like mountains of rock.

    You did well to see that the expectation of your first dream was not in total alignment with who you really are. Upon reaching your goal, you no longer felt joy, as a child who follows his curiosity. Having reached that realization, you truly achieved something astounding – something more valuable than money. You learned about trusting the rythym of your own soul, and keeping your ears open to it’s music so that discordants and chaos might be reigned in or avoided.

    I love the following quote:
    It’s not about hiding from the storm; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

    Skills and disciplines from the first part of your life, are there for you to use in the next. Nothing is wasted. No mistake or choice is ever left to decay. Everything helps you to grow and understand, which is why God put us here. Enjoy the journey. Be kind to others and especially to yourself.

    What you don’t transform, you transmit. Be grateful therefore, for all those ugly, wrong seeds. Eat them. Even if they burn and scrape as you swallowed false pride, embarrassment and shame – they will soon turn to energy and food for the soil of your garden – and your soul will blossom.

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