Life is a search of its kind
Unknown paths, goals undefined.
A blank blackboard, few chalks
and a duster to write and erase,
Every time a new story with
Unknown ends, words and phrase.

Some stare at it lost,
Some scribble few words at most,
Some take chance and write anew,
Story of sort attempt a few.

Where do I stand,
I am yet to find!
I may not be one but all,
In search of a call
Which emanates
from deep within,
Till then some
effort I do put in.

7 thoughts on “Life

  1. I cannot recall the source…perhaaps Zen…that states “Men spend so much time attempting to define the purpose of life, that they have no time to live.’ I found your poem reminding me of that saying.

  2. Very deep and truthful. I too often wonder about this journey but dont let it overwhelm me, in place of that i relish the journey- one minute at a time. who can say when i will have to leave the path, so better enjoy it while i am still walking.

    you are a marvellous poet and phillosopher.

  3. We do search for something, not knowing what, but sure that we will recognise it when we find it! But will we? I don’t know how I missed this post!


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