The Music and The Song Of The Wood

This “poem”, if I can say so, I wrote sometime in Sept, 2008. While surfing through my older posts in my other blog (Let My Heart Speak) I came across it. I am reposting it here with some minor editing.

A river, meandered through
Caverns of rough weather.
Lived a life long enough and,
Moved and moved before wither,
Into the wonder that stood for all
With open arms and shelters:
The deep blue waters.

The turbulence and chaos,
The restlessness that grows
Mounts and mounts
when the river flows.

The calmness and peace,
The movement, that ease
comes and comes with
she, sea and the breeze.

All pains are gone,
Gone are the belongings.
All pleasures are gone,
Gone are the longings.

What remains is the music
and the song of the wood,
Once she traveled by
in her early childhood.

16 thoughts on “The Music and The Song Of The Wood

  1. Isn’t it great to rediscover your older works?
    I like this poem, it captures the ebb and tide of a river beautifully, the resulting calm is a good image.

    1. Ya Cindy… I still have all my crappy writings 8-10 years old. Now and then I keep flipping through the pages. Who knows something good may come out! 🙂
      I feel, The movement of river is synonymous with the ebb and flow of life. 🙂

  2. Thats why I choose poetry they are short, simple 😉 & so easy to express isn’t? BTW, on a serius note you really write beautifully 🙂

    1. Yup… But it takes more time than writing 1000 words 😉
      BTW, on a lighter note… Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder… (but plz do not take it lightly) 😛

      1. yeah thats true…it takes a lot of time in framing a poetry, especially rechecking if the words are conveying the emotions appropriately!


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