Half Back

I am half back here and
Half of the journey remains.
Though words may trickle
Yet away from heavy rains.

I’m desperately longing to be back here but I have to wait for some more time till I am settled completely in my new life of a student. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Half Back

  1. I think I know how you feel. When I had no internet connection for the 12 days last month, it felt as if I was minus an arm or a leg! Never mind, Satyakam, things will be better when you’ve settled. We miss you. Take care.

  2. Hope you had an enjoyable first half..
    And good luck with the second!!! 🙂
    Life as a student all over again, is truly FUN and exhilarating! Trust me!

    We are all eagerly awaiting your return into the blogging world 🙂

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