Words, Words & Only Words Do I Have

Do words, that float
in our mind and
that trickle
down our lips,
tell the truth?

Do words know
what they say
or do we know?

We love them
so we use them
or misuse them?

We want to say
what we mean but
mostly we do not
mean what we say!

We repent for saying
what not to be said
and for not saying what
ought to be said.

Words are most used
but least understood.

Someone loves me
and I love someone
because words say so!

Words have fought battles.
Words have killed peoples.
Words have made kings.
And words do make fools.

Words, words and only
words do I have
but no meaning.

8 thoughts on “Words, Words & Only Words Do I Have

  1. Hey Satya,
    this is one poetry that can be very well understood by the readers too, unlike works from most poets..hehehe..Words well-used, well-rhymed and a thought well-expressed…
    Reminds me of 1 Ive written on WORDS bt never posted..:(
    keep writing!ATB

  2. The depth and intelligence of your poems always leave me spellbound.

    You are simply a genius when it comes to writing poems with deep phillosophical meaning.

    words are the things to be used with utmost caution.

    1. Trisha..
      u r misusing the WORD “genius”…hahahahaha 😛
      U have just said “Words are the things to be used with utmost caution.” 😉

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