Where will the abruptness
of my action ends?
Where will the fickleness
of my mind ends?
Where will the grotesqueness
of my nature ends?

12 thoughts on “Where…XI

  1. I found your plural use of the repeated word “ends” rather intriguing. It made me use this question-poem as more of a meditation on consequences. When I choose any behavior, there is never just one consequence – always there are many. So even though the pluralized grammar is questionable, the effect of it’s use – the consequence – makes the poem work. It makes me do exactly what the poet is doing: questioning myself. I like it!

    1. HI BrokenPenWriter,
      Thanks a lot for pointing out that. What do u say, shall I correct it or let it be there? (Poets take liberty with grammar, as long as things make sense.)

      Keep visiting and commenting (and I’ll see to it that I keep writing) 🙂

  2. A conscience without action. It feels as if there is a desire to do the right thing, but it is not carried out, thus the questions.

    Sometimes the best works contain solecisms. As long as the message being brought forth is not clouded.

  3. May to too much of thinking and less (or no) action!!!

    P.S: May be I should change the title statement of this blog from “I DARE FEEL… SO I DARE WRITE…” to ” I DARE THING (SLIGHTLY TOO MUCH)… SO I DARE WRITE (SLIGHTLY TOO LITTLE)…” 🙂

  4. this is beautiful satyakam. our mind obeys us when we make him/her obey- it needs patience but it always works. loved this poem.

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