Where society nurtures
not “the” hate, at least.
Where humans behave with
humans as humans, not beast.
Where death is equally scary
for the inflicting, the deceased.

Where will the wonderland
of my holy dreams be,
where my “country” arise
to a new dawn but free,
where the shine spreads
from the blue (sky) to the sea?

8 thoughts on “Where…XV

  1. If only we could have such a place …but as the song says ‘”I am not discouraged, I am not discouraged…but I’m getting there!” (Line from a Mose Allison song). Enjoyed your post.

  2. In absolute freedom, aren’t the free allowed to make choices?

    Is it society’s nature or nurture that some humans act in a certain way?

  3. First thing first…
    Hello Cindy, Slpmartin, JD and Girlgeum…thanks a lot guys for expressing yourself.

    @Cindy: It’s an exclamatory sentence for me too (when I see around and find gone-days vice still present and sometimes show up their monstrous faces)!

    @Slpmartin: even I am not discouraged… things are changing and for good (but the speed with which change is happening irks me)… 🙂

    @JD: You are right… it comes in-built in our software (or shall I say our firmware)… but all problems arise when we are not able to identify “this” dream (may be because we are too much carried by some false dreams!).

    @Girlgeum: These are very poignant questions. If you allow me to say I’ll cite what my Spiritual Guru has said once,” For a person standing on ground it may appear that a plane flying in air is absolutely free as there is no traffic in air as we have on roads. Pilots can navigate planes in which ever direction he/she wants. But we all know that a plane, though in an absolutely free domain, has to comply with every rules mentioned in the rule-book without any exception. In other words it is more restricted than a car moving on road.”
    Therefore, what I feel is that when we talk about absolute freedom we mean to say absolute freedom from doing anything that is morally, ethically, physically wrong.

    I think I have said (more than) enough.. 🙂
    Thanx guys for coming back!!!

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